Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weigh Day Fun Tip

I was going to chat with you all about my new hydracoach that I got in the mail yesterday, but this thing sucks.  Mine is broken.  I measure out water and it holds about 24ish fluid ounces.  I drink the whole thing and it says I only drank 7 .... ummmm ya that's not right.  It also resets itself every time I refill.  I'm ready to throw it across the room.  That being said, I think mine is just defective because CB adores hers and it has helped her make huge leaps and bounds in the water drinking department.

So ya, I'm bummed and this is all you get.  Blah.  Maybe CB will add her two cents and make you love this thing and help this post not be so cranky.

CB's $0.02:
I LOVE my Hydra Coach water bottle. Mine's a purdy royal blue not that ugly tangerine color that Nikki posted. (Sorry to anyone that likes orange!) Even though a few people on the WW boards mocked me (all in good fun) about using a cup instead of a $30 water bottle, I don't care b/c me and Hydra are joined at the hip. I think my husband is getting jealous b/c I spend so much time with Her. lol. But if you have problems getting your WW recommended 48oz of water in and you're OCD about numbers like me, you'll love this bottle. Seeing the numbers pushes me to drink more and it tells me at the current rate how much I'm drinking per hour too. I really believe that's why I lost 4lbs last week b/c my goal was to drink at least 48oz water/day. I accomplished my goal and lost weight. Coincidence? I don't think so! I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT. Did I mention that I love it? Check out the Hydra Coach website (here) although I bought mine from (here).

In better news, today was obviously weigh in ... down 2lbs.  That means I've lost a grand total of 13.8lbs and it feels damn good. <-- You, my friend, are an effing rockstar!

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  1. Haha see I knew I could count on you. I copied the damn image and thought it was all three colors. Apparently, it was only bleh-y yellow and I was so mad at my hydracoach that it felt appropriate to show it in it's worst light. haha


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