About Nikki

First things first, let me express my supreme displeasure at being listed second.  Psshh the CB is always trying to hog the spotlight.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest I want everyone to know that I'm not a huge fan of about me sections.  Let me rephrase that, I'm long winded and I feel like everyone should know every.single.detail. of my existence up to this point and it is very difficult to keep things in check so, for now, I'll use the KISS method and just keep it simple.

Name: Nikki

Age: 28

Loved ones:  I have a husband named G (yes there are more letters, but I'm lazy and they feel excessive) an adorable dog named Puddles and a cat named umm shit what's his name ... oh ya Bubba, but he mainly goes by cat.

How you became a hippo:  I got really sick in college, dropped down to barely 100lbs (if that), got back up to the 120 that I love and then ... kablamo.  My doctors put me on meds to help whatever was going on in my body and while they fixed one problem they created a world of other problems including, but not limited to gaining weight.  In the first month on said evil meds I gained somewhere in the 20-30lb range and I didn't stop gaining there, part of the remaining gain was the meds and part was me just not caring enough. One of the most important things I've learned over the years is to love your body no matter what.  And while that served me well when I got sick in high school and when I first got sick in college, there was a point when loving myself no matter what go in the way of me caring enough to love myself back into a healthy weight. 

Current Weight: Well, I did lose 20lbs in the last year, just because I've felt better and been more active, but this is kind of about tracking my loss now that I'm actually trying.  So, I'm not going to count that for now.

Day 70: -2.8
Day 63 - skipped WI
Day 56: -3.8
Day 49: -1.8
Day 42: -2.0
Day 35: -1.2
Day 28: -1.0
Day 21: -3.2
Day 14: -2.8
Day 7:  -3.6lbs woot
Day 1:  fatty

Total lost so far .... 22.2 lbs

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