Monday, March 28, 2011

The thing I miss the most

So for me, my biggest change has been not going out to eat for almost every single meal.  To be honest, I haven't missed it all that much, I'm totally fine with it and have been eating tons of delicious food.  But, the thing I miss about not going out all the time is being a regular. 

I've been going to the same sub shop a few days a week for lunch for years.  They know me, they love me and I kind of adore them.  Hell, I don't even need to order unless I'm changing things up.  But I haven't gone since starting WW because

1) My turkey and cheese sub is not good to be eating.  Tthe turkey and cheese is fine, it's the approximately 12 point sub roll and mayo that's an issue.  And lets not even talk about the days I change things up and get chicken finger subs.


2) because I've been afraid they'll kill me for giving them no warning that I was going to fall off the face of the earth.

Today, when I poked into the fridge at work and realized I just had some cheese and nasty turkey that G bought, I decided to go grab lunch at my favorite little shop.  I knew I could get a Greek salad with feta and be fine and I had dressing at work.  When I walked in, there was a mini uproar, which is saying something considering only three people were working.  Everyone came out from  where they were working and there was all sorts of where have you beens tossed around.  Of course, I just played it up as oh I haven't been going out to eat ... I was tempted to say "because not coming to see you crazies 3 times a week has lost me over 10lbs", but I figured I didn't need them to feel like it was their fault.  Apparently, there were all sorts of theories as to where I had disappeared to ... I got laid off, went to drug rehab, died.   They were ready to send out a search party looking for me, but they forgot where I work (in their defense I've only had food delivered to our new location once or twice in a year and a half).   Me bringing my lunch was just not an option that crossed their minds.

And then I ordered the salad and was totally given the side eye by the guy that runs the joint.  I'm pretty sure he was ready to make me the greatest turkey and cheese sandwich of my life.  Instead,  he put about 3 cups of feta on my salad.  That's how being a regular is, when they love you they give you extra.  So, I of course needed to remove some of the feta (but have totally saved it for other lunches this week ... score), but it was good.  I'm glad I went it and got to say hi and I totally stayed OP.

I think the thing that can be hardest is that food is such a social thing. It can be damn hard to balance eating well with not avoiding the social situations where food is the leading lady.   I think this is honestly harder than combating the food itself.   If I'm just home with my husband I have no problems staying OP, but send me out into the world and put a pile of cheese and crackers, chips and pretzels in front of me and FUCK, it's hard.  I can be as full and prepared as I want to be, but a pile of delicious cheeses and crackers ... talk about hard to resist.  And I've come to learn that, like with all things WW, it's all about finding that healthy balance.  The balance between feeling like you're missing out on something, whether it be the food itself or time with friends and staying OP.  I think I'm starting to get my groove, but it's still not easy.

What are the things you miss the most?

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  1. I hear you loud and clear sista.

    You know me. You know I'm a social eater. I LOVE eating out with Hubs, with family, with friends, with all of the above. So I miss that the most. I feel like I've lost contact with people b/c it's just so much easier to count points at home b/c if I'm cooking I can measure how much oil/butter goes into my meal whereas in a restaurant I have no control of what goes into my food, on my plate and even in my mouth. I still have that mentality that I need to eat everything on my plate. If it's there I HAVE TO to eat it.

    PS- I'm not sure if it's good or bad that your sub shop thought you went to rehab. lol


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