Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weigh Day Fun Tip

Well, clearly my body appreciated my running this week.  Had a really good weigh in and hit 10% lost.  No one at my meeting has lost 10% since I've been there, so I was tres excited to get this little keychain I had no idea was coming my way.  Made me feel special.  And we spent like 5 minutes talking all about me and anyone who knows me knows that I pretty much live for the world revolving around me even if it's just for 5 minutes.  Apparently I get little charms for other fun milestones I pass.  Who knew?  Clearly I didn't look at all of the pages of my pocket guide. Now, I'm more excited to hit 25lbs than 20 because I'll get a pretty little charm to put on my keychain.  God I'm a sucker for stupid little trinkets.

Now on to our fun tip, This is something I owe at least a chunk of this weeks loss too and I feel like it needs a shout out.  On Sunday we were heading out our ILs and there's just something about my MIL that makes me drink.  No, it's not what you're thinking, I don't have to drink to have a good time with her, she's just fun to drink with and there's always more than enough wine to get me shitfaced and I just keep on drinking.  I was a weee bit worried.  I didn't want to throw my awesome week of running down the drain, so I had G stop by the packy and get me a 6 pack of Budweiser Select 55.  Only 2 points!  I could drink the 6 pack and still only be at 12 points.  Score.  I would have drank 12 points worth of wine in about 10 minutes.  Now, they're only 4% alcohol, but I was able to happily drink three of these without any guilt.   They tasted just like Bud Light, which obviously is not the greatest beer on the planet, but it's alcohol, wasn't nasty and was super low in points.  Yippeeeee

With summer months coming up, this is a huge find.  I'm sure I'll be at a  ton of events and such where it's all about hanging out somewhere drinking a few beers and rather than always having to drink water I can easily bring some of these with me and not feel like the loser in the corner drinking water because she's losing weight.


  1. 1. I heart/jealous of your new keychain.
    2. Why am I not surprised that you came up with Weigh Day Tip Booze edition? You lush!
    3. I'm so proud and inspired by you.

  2. Haha well you'd be getting one soon enough too if you weren't so cheap and went to meetings hahaha.

    I mean I love booze. I haven't been drinking as much in general, but summer is coming up and you can't BBQ without booze

    Awww thanks beech makes me feel special


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