Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weigh Day Fun Tip

Horses butt, I had this all typed up and totally forgot to post.  Oopsies.  It's late but here it is

I'm bailing on weigh in today.  I need to get my teeth cleaned and well, this was the best appointment my MIL could get me and I'm not driving an extra 45 minutes just to WI.  I know where I'm at ( in the area of 1lb) and it's just not worth it.

CB is going to be disappointed because she already knows this one, but seriously folks, if you haven't given it a try then you need to go to the store now and get some canadian bacon.  I usually only eat one slice for a point, but CB did the math for more slice and 4 slices are 2 points.  Holy awesome sauce.  Of course, you need to check your packaging, but it's low in points.

What can you do with canadian bacon, well folks, it's a yummy breakfast food.  Cut it up and put it in an egg white omelet, super low points.  Or, you can do what I like to do best and make a piece of low point toast, cook an egg over easy, break the egg on the toast and top with a cooked up piece of canadian bacon.  Holy yum.  it's so satisfying and delicious.  I eat one every weekend.

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  1. I think my canadian bacon must be way thinner but I was pretty stoked to see that the NI on the packaging gave me 2 points for 4 slices. I'm a visual eater so "seeing" the quantity will help keep me full. I know I'm weird.

    I can't wait for Sunday breakfast tomorrow.

    PS- I can't believe you ditched WI for the dentist. *rolling eyes* LOL


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